Friday, June 30, 2006

Janis Joplin

I'm totally kicked about my most recent buy- which is an olive green Tee I bought online from the Janis Joplin official website. It is just too comfy for words and I got random compliments!
I was walking on Walnut street, Philadelphia, this random person on the street stops me, makes me take my ear phones off and gives me a thumbs up saying -"NEAT Tee shirt!. I love Janis too"! Man. It made my day,week and I am still not over it. Thats Janis for you baby! All you Janis Fans out there, Get your hands on it today!

The Heart Stabilizer

One of my most recent interesting experiences has been, working with doctors and residents at the Hahnemann Hospital. During the course of my interaction, I was exposed to so many new medical devices, one of which being the Heart Stabilizer; a perfect example of a simple yet effective device. It is used in Coronary Bypass surgery, and is a substitute for the heart lung machine that is normally used. Hence the name, *Off Pump* surgery. Medtronic seems to have made an excellent choice of name; they call it the Octopus®. The tissue stabilizer has hands and suction pods like an octopus. I think its a great name!
The suction pods hold the surface tissue of the heart stable while the surgeon attaches a transplanted vessel around blockages in the coronary arteries.
It is used in conjunction with the Medtronic Starfish® or Urchin Heart Positioner. Go! Medtronic!