Thursday, March 22, 2007

The sudden sense of "moral ambiguity" has been cast upon me. It's a struggle.

Yes, I'm thinking of this, yes I am
to hold the thought so close,
yet in the need to get rid of

Yes, I'm thinking of that, Yes I am
in the event of letting out the steam,
to forget..

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

I have been listening to Lyudmila Zykina. I liker her style. Its rather nice. She’s one of the most authentic and best performers of traditional music.

its interesting how the violin doesnt play a major role in the orchestra. Ive also been listening to Russian fairy tales - these require a separate blog..

Monday, March 12, 2007

Ever close your eyes

ever stop and listen

ever feel alive

and you've nothing missing

you don't need a reason

let the day go on and on

Only take the time

from the helter skelter

every day you find

everything's in kilter

you don't need a reason

let the day go on and on

Sunday, March 11, 2007

In the lazy water meadow I lay me down. All around me golden sun flakes settle on the ground. Basking in the sunshine of a bygone afternoon Bringing sounds of yesterday into this city room.

Friday, March 02, 2007

Today was just another day. of course tgif.
ive been listening to Sigur Rós and some stevie ray vaughan.

i was thinking, why dont I have a language just for music; Create one perhaps. But what will the structure be? I wonder. its something i def want to think of doing...
"tarachi" - one of my original compositions way back in the 90's. which was more like gibberish then - I guess I did start of somewhere in the music-language area. I should think of this further..