Monday, January 05, 2009

marghazhi ragam

Over 10 years ago (possibly more), as part of my regular visits to Odakkattoor mutt kutcheri season in Bangalore, I happened to go to concert of a newcomer called TM Krishna. We had not heard of this singer, but decided to be open minded. In contrast to a regular veena gayatri or a TV Sankaranarayanan concert, where we barely get place to stand, I was sitting in the second row right under his nose. I heard TMK render an aalaapanai in raaga kalyani I will never forget for the rest of my life. He had a unique personality, RTP's with utmost devotion to the ragam, a warm smile in between his songs, and very piercing eye contact giving you a feeling that you are the only listener. He has since, captivated so many listeners, is very vocal with his opinions and taking so to speak - classical music to a region with no boundaries.

To be honest, I dont know what to think of "Marghazhi Ragam". It is supposed to be a new movie - in the form of a carnatic classical concert. The comments I read call it "mindblowing", " innovative" etc. I cant seem to form an opinion with the hardly 3 minute trailer on the website.
But what I can say is - I am excited to watch it and hope it is as fresh as people say it to be. It should be thrilling considering H Sridhar and PC Sreeram have also been involved in its creation.

Someday if it is released in San francisco theaters, I will have a larger blogpost refecting my opinions about it.

For now, find out for yourself here -