Monday, August 01, 2011

Western - Carnatic Scales

In Carnatic Music, one learns several hundred ragams(scales) and thalams(rhythm). While I was preparing for my Berklee audition couple of years ago, I had an opportunity to browse through some western scales. Since then I have been quite intrigued by the similarities (and differences); how western scales translate to Carnatic music and vice versa. I finally managed to put together the following table which consists of a western scale and it's equivalent carnatic ragam, if any. It is interesting to see how the scales either translate to a Melakarta raga, janya raga, or a random vakra ragam. I really enjoyed doing this and found something very interesting - what is called the "Hindu scale" (Myxolodian b13) is actually raga "Charukeshi". Apart from this, there are other scales like "Japanese" which is "Kanakambari"," Jazz Melodic Minor" which is "GowriManohari". I am looking for the carnatic equivalent of "Hirajoshi", which seems like Shivaranjani with a flat "dha". It will be great to hear what you think of this and if you can find the missing links to any other scales here..