Monday, August 01, 2011

Western - Carnatic Scales

In Carnatic Music, one learns several hundred ragams(scales) and thalams(rhythm). While I was preparing for my Berklee audition couple of years ago, I had an opportunity to browse through some western scales. Since then I have been quite intrigued by the similarities (and differences); how western scales translate to Carnatic music and vice versa. I finally managed to put together the following table which consists of a western scale and it's equivalent carnatic ragam, if any. It is interesting to see how the scales either translate to a Melakarta raga, janya raga, or a random vakra ragam. I really enjoyed doing this and found something very interesting - what is called the "Hindu scale" (Myxolodian b13) is actually raga "Charukeshi". Apart from this, there are other scales like "Japanese" which is "Kanakambari"," Jazz Melodic Minor" which is "GowriManohari". I am looking for the carnatic equivalent of "Hirajoshi", which seems like Shivaranjani with a flat "dha". It will be great to hear what you think of this and if you can find the missing links to any other scales here..


knowledge about anything and everything said...

Hai ramya .. I tried to understand the dorian mode and interpret it to hemavathi raagam, but it fits better with subhapanthuvarali than hemavathi when I hear hymn of zeus a greek old music in dorian mode.. could you please enlighten me with any video which interprets the sR2G1M2PD2N1S
Thank you

Ramesh V said...

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Jonh Mark said...

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Prem Nath said...

This is very interesting, thanks! And useful. Exactly what the Doctor ordered.